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Utility functions

Small set of handy utility functions that is used at several ITSA modules.

Getting Started

With nodejs:

Create your project using this package.json. After downloaded, run npm install and start writing your application:

var ITSA = require('itsa');

In the browser:

For browser-usage, ITSA has a predefined loaderfiles. Once included, a global ITSA object with default features is available. For customized loaderfiles, read: Customized build.

<script src="/itsabuild-min.js"></script>

The Basics

The utility functions are all exported and accessable by their name. In ITSA-namespace, they are available as functions of ITSA.

The utility functions


Executes a function asynchronously, by placing it at the javascript eventstack.

ITSA.async(function() {
    // do something


Executes a function asynchronously after a specific amount of time. It's alike setTimeout combined with setInterval, only those are buggy in some environments when you cancel the process. ITSA.later is proven to work stable and returns a handler with a cancel-method to cancel the request.

ITSA.later(function() {
    // do something after 2 seconds
}, 2000);
ITSA.later(function() {
    // do something periodic at 2 seconds
}, 2000, true);
ITSA.later(function() {
    // do something after 2 seconds, then periodic at 5 seconds
}, 2000, 5000);
var handler = ITSA.later(function() {
    // try to do something, but is happens to be canceled...
}, 2000);



Generator of unique id's. Can be prepended with a namespace. Will start with 1, but you can pass any value as start-value. Any following generator will start up from its last value.

ITSA.idGenerator(); // --> 1
ITSA.idGenerator(); // --> 2
ITSA.idGenerator(50); // --> 50
ITSA.idGenerator(); // --> 51
ITSA.idGenerator('jsonp'); // --> 'jsonp1'
ITSA.idGenerator('itsa', 10); // --> 'itsa10'
ITSA.idGenerator(50); // --> 50

ITSA.idGenerator('jsonp'); // --> 'jsonp2'
ITSA.idGenerator('itsa', 10); // --> 'itsa11'
ITSA.idGenerator(50); // --> 51
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