ITSA modules

Isomorphic modules for building building fast, robust and scalable web applications

current version: 1.0.0

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ITSA modules is a community-project. We develop basic commonjs-modules which can be used on both server and client (isomorphic). We demand this feature to be able to do serverside developing and rendering. All modules are highly tested, well documented and highly performant. Among the modules are:

Functionality and state of HtmlElements is set at the attributes as much as possible. Read more here: State and rendering.

ITSA Modules can be used stand alone, but it is also part of a whole. Together with Itags and ITSA server they form a complete framework. ITSA-server is not public released at the moment.

The whole framework is made to be able to create and maintain web-applications with ease.

Quick Start

ITSA provides a standard distribution which aggregates the various modules. Once included, you can create a root namespace ITSA that has the members described in the modules-userguides.

With nodejs:

Create your project using this package.json. After downloaded, run npm install and start writing your application:

var ITSA = require('itsa'),
    Event = ITSA.Event;

In the browser:

For browser-usage, ITSA has a predefined loaderfiles. Once included, a global ITSA object with default features is available.

<script src="/itsabuild-min.js"></script>
    var Event = ITSA.Event;

Instead of using the standard distribution, you can create customized build-files. This saves you from a large rollup with all available modules. Read more about it at ITSA customized build (only for experienced users).