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CSS-transitions managable by Promises with extra handles.

Getting Started

With nodejs:

The module scrollable is a typical browser-module.

In the browser:

For browser-usage, ITSA has a predefined loaderfiles. Once included, a global ITSA object with default features is available. For customized loaderfiles, read: Customized build.

<script src="/itsabuild-min.js"></script>
When using your own customized build-file, this module-requirement needs to be invoked with the window-object.

The Basics

Transitions are happening through CSS-transitions. This is available in every modern browser and IE10+. The transitions are delivers by the vdom-module. There are serveral sugar methods and setting classes that have a transition can be managed. All transition-methods return a Promise.

Transitions have a lot of pitfalls. This module uses a transition-fix to handle these. For example: auto width and height will transition properly. Also, the Promise will be resolved as soon as the transition has finished, even if several properties have different duration, or when the transitionend-events get messy (which happen in webkit with shorthand properties).

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